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Pure bred handling, class leading frame technology and 29” wheels for better bump absorption and roll over ability. Our 29” range of XC bikes, with their larger contact patch for improved high speed concerning, and fantastic momentum will provide the trail inspiring confidence you need to push yourself to the limit.


Our 27.5” MTB bikes have been designed to have better steering responsiveness, more agility and slightly lighter overall weight, which all translates into a playful handling and exhilarating trail machine, which will allow you the freedom to get the best out of your riding style.


From the snow covered plains of the Canadian shield to the sandy deserts of the Australian outback, Apollo’s Stout series has been designed to handle the harshest environments on the planet. Super fat tyres and performance geometry ensure excellent traction and stable handling over any terrain. Whether you are racing or backcountry touring, the Stout series will make sure you always make it to your destination.


Is 26” really dead? We don’t think so. The 26” wheel size is a still the perfect size for a recreational mountain bike. Simple, economical and easy to service, this is want makes our recreational mountain bikes so popular. Built with women's specific geometry, high quality parts and quality assembly, these category leading bikes are perfect for the recreational rider.
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