For DT Swiss, aero means minimal drag in all conditions, allowing you to go faster than ever. Without any compromises in handling, stiffness and braking performance, creating the most efficient and complete system.

DT Swiss Aero wheelsets are ordered per wheel, so you can mix and match depths.

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ARC 1100

The latest generation of ARC 1100 DICUT wheels – available in disc brake version in three different rim heights 80 mm, 62 mm and 50 mm – was developed in cooperation with SWISS SIDE, leading expert in aerodynamic optimization. Consequently, the new AERO+ rim profile minimises both aero drag and steering moment to improve its aerodynamic and controlling in even strong cross wind. Thus, it makes it easier for the rider to keep the aero wheel under control while taking advantage of the forward-pushing sailing effect. The wheel setup is completed by the new DT Swiss aero spokes in combination with the sleek 180 DICUT hub including ultra-light running SINC ceramic bearings.

ARC 1100 DICUT® 80 db

The sophisticated wheelset in the quest for best times on flat to slightly undulating courses.

ARC 1100 DICUT® 62 db

The all-round aero wheelset with excellent performance for various riding fields.

ARC 1100 DICUT® 50 db

The most agile and fast accelerating wheelset for hilly or flat courses with sharp turns.


Completing our Aero lineup with the fastest rear wheel – engineered and assembled in Switzerland.

ARC 1400

The sophisticated ARC 1400 DICUT wheels represent the latest DNA of the 1400 level of DT Swiss and our aero partner SWISS SIDE. Available in disc brake version in three different rim heights (80 mm, 62 mm and 50 mm), the AERO+ profile rims set a new standard in aerodynamic performance and keep aero drag as low as possible under different crosswind angles. In moderate side wind conditions, riders benefit from propulsion through a sailing effect. Reduced wind sensitivity allows riders to maintain a stable aerodynamic position and full control of their bike. High-end DT Swiss aero spokes and the light 240 DICUT hub with its reliable Ratchet EXP system for more direct engagement complete this wheelsets.

ARC 1400 DICUT® 80 db

The high profile aero wheelset is the perfect choice to go #flatoutfast as never before.

ARC 1400 DICUT® 62 db

The all-round aero wheelset that provides an excellent combination of stability and low drag when pushing down the pedals in various terrain.

ARC 1400 DICUT® 50 db

The low profile aero wheelset to keep the power on your pedals on challenging and sharp courses which demand superb handling.