Party Frank

The timeless pick-up line, “Hey lady, you make me wanna wrap my sausage round a pole!” is as debonair as it is disarmingly effective. The Party Frank is that sausage wrapped around that pole 24-7 and it wants all the ladies to know that nothing’s gunna break its hold.

  • DIMENSIONS : 620mm
  • WEIGHT: 200g
  • MATERIALS : Silicone overmoulded braided steel cable with fibre core

BODY: Patented seamless overmould using industrial grade UV stable silicone. Will not mark or scratch your ride.

LOCK HOUSING : 8mm Stainless steel locking shackle. *No leverage points to ensure extra security against unwanted attacks.

LOCK BARREL : Blade style lock barrel, with 1000 unique combinations.

3 OVERMOULDED KEYS : 3 colour-coded overmoulded keys with wrist coil.

CABLE DIAMETER : Outer Cable Diameter 10mm, Steel Cable Diameter 5mm.

COILED CABLE : Party Frank: Cable Diameter 12mm, Steel Cable Diameter 5mm.